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Salt Clam (5oz Package)

$9.99 $12.99
Availability: In stock
Native Salt Clam contains 5 ounces of salted clam meat with our proprietary salt blend added to ensure your salt…

Pomp- Boss Fishing Rig

$4.59 $6.00
Availability: In stock
Introducing the Pomp-Boss by Native Salt Clam! These new and improved, hand-tied, premium quality rigs are custom made in Sebastian, Florida,…


Availability: In stock
Fishbites are a great addition to Salt Clams when you are baiting your hook! Combine Salt Clam and Fishbites to…

Salty Clam Tongue (5oz package)

$9.99 $12.99
Availability: In stock
Salty Clam Tongue contains 5 ounces of plump clam tongue cured in a special salt blend to ensure your clams…

Pomp- Boss Fishing Rig (6 pack)

$23.99 $35.00
Availability: In stock
Get 6 packs of the Pomp-Boss by Native Salt Clam for a discounted price! These new and improved, hand-tied, premium…

Doc’s Goofy Jigs

$3.29 $5.00
Availability: In stock
Doc's Goofy Jigs are each handmade by Doc and are not available in big box stores. Doc’s Goofy Jigs are…

High Jinks Teaser Lure

$2.99 $5.00
Availability: In stock
The High Jinks Teaser is a perfect addition to Doc's Goofy Jig! Fish just love the High-Jinks Jig because it's…

Sputnik Sinker

Availability: In stock
Introducing the Sputnik Sinker, provided by the great Rich Vidulich. As Rich tells it, Sputniks were first invented 20 years ago…

Native Salt Clam Stringers

Availability: In stock
Hand-trimmed and processed jumbo surf clam stringers. Very tough and durable bait that is perfect for jig tipping, surf and…

Doc’s Goofy Jigs (6 pack)

$17.99 $20.00
Availability: In stock
Grab a 6 pack of Doc's Goofy Jigs, handmade by Doc! These are not available in big box stores! Doc’s Goofy…

Native Salt Baits Patch

Availability: In stock
West coast flavor for the Salt Clam fam! These 3"x 3" patches are custom made in California, and as cool…