Doc’s Goofy Jigs (6 pack)

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Grab a 6 pack of Doc’s Goofy Jigs, handmade by Doc! These are not available in big box stores!

Doc’s Goofy Jigs are specially designed to catch pompano, and are a best seller in Sebastian, FL when Pompano season hits. The Goofy Jig wobbles in the water as you jig. They never go down the same way twice, aggravating fish into biting!  Tip these jigs with Salt Clams and you’ll be sure to reel one in.

This pack comes with varying weights and sizes.

Weight available in ⅜ oz., ½ oz, ¾ oz.
Color available in Yellow, combination Pink/White, Pearl White, Chartreuse, and Pink

Caution: These jigs contain lead (weights.) We do not guarantee that your state permits lead when fishing.

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Why Salt Clams?

Clams are commonly used to bait a wide variety of fish: pompano, whiting, redfish, flounder, black drum, sheepshead, and snook particularly love finding juicy clams to eat.

Unfortunately, fresh and frozen fishing baits are expensive, easily perishable, and so delicate that they are difficult to keep on the hook long enough to catch your target species.

Without messy clam guts in the way, the salted muscle is so tough that fish can not easily pull the bait off your hook, and whatever clams you don’t use can stay in the car overnight, or in the refrigerator for months without perishing.

Bottom line: Our premium fishing bait will stay on your hook and help you to catch more fish.

How They’re Made

We only use the toughest part of the clam for our fishing bait, discarding the guts that won’t stay on a hook.

We receive large, frozen blocks of hand- shucked, chowder- sized surf clams, caught and processed in the U.S.A. These clams are delivered to our small, bait- making facility on the west bank of the Indian River in Florida.

After the clams are thawed they go through a week-long process of brining and hard salting in our proprietary salt mix, after which the clams are hand trimmed to retain only the tough parts of the shucked clam: the foot and the siphon.

A bit curing time to reduce moisture content and then the finished clam muscles are weighed and packed in a convenient, heavy-duty, resealable zip-loc bag, along with additional salt to maintain freshness and toughness.


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